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Coronacation 2020

In late January, we were warned of a life-threatening virus that was rapidly spreading across the world and were urged to cancel our upcoming travel plans.

Our source: my mother-in-law

Our travel plans: a Mediterranean Cruise departing on May 26th

This was the first time we had heard of the virus and we both scoffed at the warning, but assured her we would continuing monitoring this “Coronavirus thing.” To us, this was just a warning from a slightly protective mother about a virus that would spread much faster across social media than actual humanity to cause unnecessary worldwide chaos and panic.

Nevertheless, here we are in mid-March and COVID-19 is now a household name. WHO has declared it a pandemic. Italy, which consists of three stops along our cruise, is in a full blown quarantine, and our cruise line is offering a penalty free cancelation and credit.

So, what we once viewed as another overhyped, social media crazed “world ending virus” is now an actual global pandemic that may force us to postpone a trip across the Mediterranean that we’ve been planning since August of last year (just our luck).

With travel being restricted and people canceling trips, The New York Times recently published How to Self Quarantine. The article covers the basics of quarantining, like maintaining proper hygiene, staying isolated, etc. but what they don’t really cover the non-essential essentials of a quarantine and how you can turn your quarantine in to Staycation.


The Non-essential Essentials of Surviving Quarantine 2020

For us, there are only three things needed:

1. Most importantly on our list, is a pretty obvious one…Booze. And plenty of it. Now, if you go searching the CDC website, I’m sure you won’t find this listed anywhere as a necessity, but let’s face it, if you are secluding yourself, you will absolutely need this in order to not go stir crazy. Also, I have a theory that if you drink enough booze, the virus can’t survive #alcoholkillsgerms (*disclaimer – we are not medical professionals and do not encourage this as a form of treatment or prevention to the coronavirus). So go ahead and fight over your toilet paper and hand sanitizer, we’ll be in the liquor section.

2. Food. Duh. We all need food to survive. But remember this is a Staycation, and just like when you are on a vacation, calories don’t count. So get the good stuff, the easy to make, delicious to eat, junk food. I’m talking about the stuff you eat while listening to Taylor Swift after just getting dumped, type of junk food. Grab that 80 pack of pizza rolls, family-size Doritos and gallon-tub of ice cream! Enjoy yourself guilt free!

3. Lastly, good old fashioned board games. There is only so much binge-watching we can do while our bodies slowly create a permanent imprint on the couch. So we made sure to have our apartment fully stocked with board and card games. It’s a great way to pass the time, keep your mind active and get the competitive juices flowing. Some of our go to games that only require two people are Sushi Go, Exploding Kittens and Dominos and if we are up for it, a game of Chess.

So, as we prep for our upcoming weekend quarantine, errrr... Staycation, those are our three must haves. #coronacation2020

How does everyone else plan to pass their time avoiding humanity?

Stay safe everyone,

Spike, Bing, Skeeter and Jameson

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