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meet Bing.

CPA. Shopoholic. The Planner.


Favorite Food: Brussel Sprouts or Fries (in no particular order...)

Best TV Show: How I Met Your Mother (yes, best... not favorite)

Favorite Place Visited: Paris, France

Places I Most Want to Visit: Bali & Santorini

meet Spike.

Sports card collector. Whiskey Drinker. Coffee & Chocolate Lover.


Favorite Food - Pizza, duh doy.  Addicted to sweets.

Favorite TV Show(s) - The Office, Game of Thrones, The Wire, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, The Goldbergs, Brooklyn Nine-Nine  (may watch too much TV)

Favorite Place Visited - Brugge

Place I Most Want to Visit - China


Favorite Food - Did someone say FOOOOD!?!

Favorite TV Show - Whatever Papa is Watching.

Favorite Place Visited - Wherever I Go With Papa

Place I Most Want to Visit - Wherever Papa Goes

meet Skeeter.

Begger of Food. Addicted to Treats. OBSESSED with his Papa.


Favorite Food - Bacon and Peanut Butter

Favorite TV Show - No time for TV, gotta protect Mama.

Favorite Place Visited - Corner of the Couch.

Place I Most Want to Visit - The Other Corner of the Couch

meet Jameson.

Protector of Mama. Forever Puppy. Deceivingly Adorable.

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